A Dangerous Idea — 2 Comments

  1. Interesting! One of the earliest critiques I received (from experienced litigators on an opening statement I was rehearsing) was not to write it out word-for-word, but to speak more naturally. It’s advice that I am glad I never took. I need to write it out, word-for-word, memorize it, and THEN wing it. Only then do I feel comfortable and confident enough to sound natural.

    Juries too often mistake nervousness for signs of lying. I think you’re right that the words need to be the witnesses words, but they need to be practiced, as well.

  2. Christina, thanks for sharing that experience. I am sure there are different philosophies. I know some attorneys who can speak flawlessly for thirty minutes without notes. I am not one of them! But we’re in good company. After Winston Churchill once forgot what he wanted to say in an “extemporaneous” speech he always wrote his speeches word for word and then memorized them. Mark

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