Learning to Testify

Ask any witness what he fears most in court and he will usually point to cross examination. He will worry about being made to look stupid or foolish or dishonest. Most inexperienced witnesses falter badly unless well-prepared. After all, we’re not born with the ability to testify well. Good legal testimony requires a unique set of communication skills. A witness needs to listen carefully, speak simply, stay calm, recognize tricky questions and deflect verbal attacks, all the while appearing at ease, truthful and personable. That’s a lot to do. Witnesses must learn these skills.  We help them get ready. We build their confidence.

Expert Witnesses

An effective expert needs to be a good teacher. Most experts are not natural teachers. They are knowledge specialists. We teach experts how to teach – how to simplify technical evidence, how to handle cross examination, how to explain their fees, which demonstrative exhibits to use and how to connect as a human with the jury or judge.

Witness Workshops

We offer custom workshops for witnesses to learn how to testify in deposition and/or trial. Workshops are half-day or full-day and include hands-on, participatory learning. They may be geared to specific cases or may be general training.